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In regards to Superintendent Zander's printed statement on school safety, I offer the following questions:

Does he mean that all of the residents of Elko County who have concealed weapons permits are inherently unsafe because they have not had law enforcement training?

Does he also mean that the five resource officers of Elko County provide complete protection to the eighteen schools in the Elko County School District without any gaps in coverage?

Does he think having a police car parked in front of a school is a good thing or a bad thing? In other words, will a person with evil intent choose to attack a school with a police car out front or rather a school without a police car parked out front?

Does he think that his emergency operations plan is so perfect it will survive the first 30 seconds of combat? Experienced military and law enforcement people understand there is no perfect plan.

Does he also mean that it is preferable to have seventeen children killed than have the school district sued because an 'untrained' armed agent makes a mistake in combat?

Keep in mind the first four trained law enforcement officers to respond to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting chose to wait outside for either the shooting to stop or wait for further reinforcements.

This curious mind wants to know.

Bruce Stanton

Spring Creek


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