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This afternoon I was returning from Elko to my home in Spring Creek. I had just entered the stretch of Lamoille Highway where the road narrows to two lanes when another vehicle was attempting to illegally pass and nearly hit me head on. Luckily, there were no cars behind me and I was able to slow down enough to avoid being hit. Then, the car that was being passed was nearly side swiped as well.

This is totally unacceptable. To the driver of the lifted gold pickup truck, you endangered us all that day. Unfortunately, I have noticed that you are not alone. Lately our little two-lane highway has been full of rushed and reckless drivers. While I understand that we all have important things to do and places to go, this sort of driving is not going to get us there much faster. And if it keeps up, I fear some of us won't get there at all.

Please keep your family and friends in mind as you drive and remember that being late or taking a few extra minutes is better than not arriving at your destination.

Lynn Dodge

Spring Creek


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