This is what you will give the City if you rent three or more rooms. ANY BOOKS/RECORDS THEY DEEM NECESSARY! Tax Returns? What's next? They can take your Business License. Tip of the iceberg. READ IT.

What's the cost to your business and City? Think they have this right? No one has this right. I have the "proposed ordinance.” Total rooms available and occupied. Receipts, guest folios, registration detail, including the name of the property, name of the guest occupying the room, room number, date paid, dates of occupancy, and breakdown of what was paid for by the guest with Transient Lodging Tax stated separately. Total daily Gross Receipts. A detailed listing of claimed nontaxable/exempt room revenue that include name of guest, room number, dates and amounts paid, and date(s) of occupancy. Total amount of Transient Lodging Tax collected. Number of non-revenue or complimentary rooms. Folio and other documentation for all exemptions and adjustments to revenue to include proof of payment directly from governmental entity per Section 4-6-4. Records supporting complimentary rooms revenue. Transient Occupancy Tax 28 Day Exemption Forms. Government Exemption Claim Forms.

All documentation used to complete the Operator’s Transient lodging tax return and retained as backup to the return. Acceptable methods of maintaining the above list include bound receipt books, guest folios, registration cards, daily transaction reports, general ledgers, cash journals, register and/or computer tapes, computerized records, and any other books and records deemed necessary to complete the Transient Lodging Tax audit. In addition, Licensees shall provide documents that can be used to support revenues and exemptions. Failure to provide adequate documentation supporting transient lodging tax returns may result in revocation, suspension or termination of Business License.

Anyone wanna stay in a "private" room in Elko?

Marvin Churchfield

Double Dice RV Park