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The last Friday in July the Elko Daily Free Press posted an article that declared how a jury found a 23-year-old young lady guilty in relation to a crime she had committed after giving birth to her newborn daughter, a very sad and tragic case indeed.

After reading the article, I thought to myself, as an American Indian/Native American parent or grandparent, was there more that we could have taught our children? What did we miss in presenting the traditional and cultural education of life to our children?

I have explained in the past how I operate an Indian news list (Reznews). I post a series of briefs and news summaries about three times a day, in other words I read a lot of news stories from throughout Indian Country’s communities.

For example, in connection to the guilty verdict above, I came across several articles of similar nature. One, a 26-year-old woman on the Standing Rock Reservation plead guilty in the beating death of her 5-year-old daughter that expressed that in one case she had beat her daughter for spilling a glass of milk. The child had bruises all over her body and later died from a critical head trauma.

Then over in Montana on the Fort Peck Reservation, a 43-year-old woman plead guilty to beating a 13-month-old child under her care to death because she wouldn't be quiet, put her body in a duffel bag and threw it in a trash can.

On the same reservation, a 21-year-old male chases down a 4-year-old girl, kidnaps, rapes and sodomize's her, infected her with an incurable sexually transmitted disease, leaves her for dead in an abandon pickup.

Should more be done to help these organizations and programs dedicated to helping preserve and protect the unborn, newborn, children and even teens? Shouldn't we be more concerned about the welfare and well-being of our people?

Seems to me that the very young in this country are suffering far too much and it needs to stop. Alcohol, drugs and domestic violence are wrong for some people.

Larry Kibby



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