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I have contemplated writing with my opinion of the proposed “Chilton Tower” (an eyesore if the mock up is accurate), but figured it was a fait accompli.

With all the problems the city has been having with contractors, a possible alternative use for the money could be of interest.

I had occasion today to visit the “Train Park” in downtown. It is in horrible shape and desperately needs refurbishing and protection.

The overall paint scheme is faded, and needs to be redone. A lot of detail items are missing or vandalized. I personally (20-plus years ago) donated two engineers seats since the locomotive did not have them when given to the city. One is gone and the other is near total destruction from weather through the missing windows.

I think the city should make an effort with the possible help of the Union Pacific (while parts for this old Alco engine maybe still available) to repaint and replace any missing items, including (but not limited to) windows, number panes, and the ladder rungs removed to prevent access to the top of the locomotive. In other words make it historically accurate inside and out.

The city should have fenced it in ( a nice wrought iron not chain link) when it was first established as most cities do to prevent vandalism. It is now a 125-ton eyesore that if no effort is made at remediation, will someday have to be removed at great cost.

If it was fixed, I am sure volunteers would be forthcoming to man the venue for tours and the caboose could be a visitor center such as the one in Sparks.

Thank you for your time,

Chuck Sanders



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