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Let’s be clear on this: I haven’t seen a person so hypocrite, arrogant, evil, liar and racist like this president, even dogs on the street know that, that is the fact.

I can describe him like a human “tarantula” because that is what Mr. Trump is, no doubt.

His only alternative is: Start packing, go home. Enjoy his mansion before somebody else does it for him.

His road is not very long, believe me. Mr. Trump, your time is coming sooner or later. We all will know the truth. Remember, under the sun there is nothing occult.

Mr. Trump likes to harm people. Do you know why? Because he is evil when he does it. Seems to me he enjoys himself doing that.

We all come to this planet like visitors. We know sooner or later we have to go and become dirt or ashes, that is what we are. That’s why I say: In the end of the day, nobody owns nothing. This world doesn’t belong to nobody and fortunately.

Before I close this letter I want to say a few words: Brothers and sisters let’s forget rancor, hate. The only option we have is it love each other – why hate each other? I want to be clear on this (not everyone).

So, thank you so much. I want to thank the Elko Free Press for allowing me once again.

Jerry Coronado Sr.



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