On January 16, 2018, I read a news story titled; "California couple's ordinary home held torture chamber." The story was about 13 siblings held captive by their own parents. Kids, that were allowed to shower twice a year and allowed to eat only once a day. Kids that were chained and never allowed to leave their home.

America's national media has posted far too many news stories about single parents or parents who beat, molest and murder their own siblings, this, in a country where these types of incidents are not supposed to occur? Should America strengthen laws, build stronger and more severe Child Welfare Programs?

Then of course, you look at the kids/teens now days, most of their parents don't follow them, care what they say, do, or act, they simply say; "kids will be kids." Of course, if you attack their siblings you'll probably find yourself locked up.

Most kids/teens have no clue of how lucky they are, most don't care, and these are the type of kids who walk all over their parents, lie, steal, drink and just do whatever, because they know their parents will be there for them. Always on their cell, always texting, always boasting and bragging about everything they have and how new it is, and then you find that they are the ones who love bullying others.

Is there a solution? How do you tone down a society that advocates racial hate or thinks that bullying is OK? How do stop anything when there’s so much corruption going on, where there’s so much crime and sexual crimes occurring?

If people do not like kids, children, or teens, why do they figure that they should get married and have their own? People who become sick or insane need help, but where would that help come from? I wish I knew, I’m not smart enough to know the answer but something has to be done.

Larry Kibby