Wes and Dustin Leavitt

Spring Creek's Wes Leavitt, right, heads a steer for brother Dustin Leavitt during the final round of the No. 11 finale of the World Series of Team Roping Finale XII on Dec. 13 at South Point Arena & Equestrian Center in Las Vegas. The Leavitts roped the short-go steer in 7.7 seconds and finished in fourth place of the average with a total time of 33.32 seconds on four runs. They combined for a $142,000 payday. 

Photo by Jennings Rodeo Photography

LAS VEGAS – The Leavitt brothers hit the jackpot in Las Vegas during the World Series of Team Roping Finale XII at South Point Arena & Equestrian Center.

Yes, those Leavitts.

Brothers Wes Leavitt of Spring Creek and Dustin Leavitt of Oakley, Utah, have made a habit of winning big with one another.

In June 2016, the Leavitts won the Reno Rodeo Invitational Team Roping and took home $100,000 apiece.

On Dec. 13, the Leavitts split another $142,000 in the No. 11 Finale of the World Series of Team Roping Finale XII – winning fourth place in the average with a total time of 33.32 seconds on four steers.

The brothers were just two-hundredths of a second out of third place and a payday of $167,000.

Third place went to Nora Hunt-Lee of Fallon and Brady Black of Nampa, Idaho, stopping the clock in 33.3 seconds on four head.

“Someone came up to me after the roping and said ‘that must have sucked to lose out on third by two-hundredths of a second’ and I was like which part?” Wes Leavitt said. “I’m never going to complain about winning that kind of money.”

Not only was the check another life-changing payoff for the Leavitts, this one was special regarding another family aspect of the aspect.

“This was the first real big check I have won in front of my dad,” said Wes Leavitt. “This whole roping thing is his fault. My dad, my brothers and I have spent many hours together in the arena.”

Leavitt won the 2003 United States Team Roping Championship Shootout in the old No. 7 division, which now equates to the No. 11 roping – splitting $84,000 with heeler Cody Hall of Utah.

“It was really special to have my parents there this time. My kids all sent updated Christmas lists after watching us on the internet,” Wes Leavitt said.

Christmas definitely came early this year for the brothers, but Wes Leavitt said he’s going to keep things fairly low-key — spending some time at home with the family.

He also won more money in different ropings during the World Series Finale XII, earning another $4,250 per man competing with Tuscarora’s Michael Mori in the second rotation of the consolation average in the No. 13 with a three-head total of 22.57 seconds on three runs.

He won money in the outdoor ropings in the qualifier events for next year’s World of Series Team Roping Finale XIII as well.

“It was a good week for sure, we‘ve been very blessed,” he said.

Local winners

Along with Wes Leavitt and Mori, other locals earned significant checks during the World Series Finale XII also.

Spring Creek’s Bradin Porter split $10,500 in the consolation average of the No. 9 finale, heeling for Donna Nelson of Jordan Valley, Oregon.

Nelson and Porter compiled a time of 27.67 seconds, claiming first in the fifth rotation of the consolation average.

Also roping in the fifth rotation of the No. 9 finale, Robbin Rowley of Spring Creek and Elko’s Tyler Wolf took second place in the consolation average.

Rowley and Wolf roped three steers in 27.82 seconds – finishing just .15 seconds behind Nelson and Porter – each earning a check for $4,250.

Congratulations to the Leavitts on their monumental payday in the World Series of Team Roping Finale, to those who earned checks in the Finale XII, everyone who qualified for one of the most prestigious team ropings in the world and Merry Christmas to all.


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