SPRING CREEK – The Lady Spartans faced trial-and-error in their final two games of the High Sierra Winter Challenge tournament.

On Friday against Carson City, the Lady Spartans beat the Lady Senators 51-32.

The Lady Spartans had their work cut out for them as the Lady Senators challenged them with a height advantage. Spring Creek also battled for the ball with sore muscles that come from away play over the past week.

“We played well, but the movement of play did not feel as smooth,” said Lady Spartans’ coach Holly Miller. “Their team was a lot more physical, and we fought to play the game at our tempo versus their tempo.”

Spring Creek’s high scorer for the game was senior guard Kaitlyn McLeod with 14 points. McLeod was also a key player in rebounding during the game.

Junior guard Jasmine Yadeskie was the force to reckon with, capturing 18 rebounds for the Lady Spartans.

“As one of the smallest players on the team, Jasmine really went for those rebounds as hard as she could, and crashed those boards throughout the weekend,” said Miller.

On Saturday, the Lady Spartans ran out of fuel and lost to the Atwater Lady Falcons 70-51.

The Lady Spartans started the first half of the game by only trailing the tail feathers of the Lady Falcons by seven points. The Lady Spartan guards could not seem to hold back the offensive play by the Falcons, so the point gap widened to 24 points.

“Their team was pretty quick and they had no true post player,” said Miller. “We turned the ball over too many times.”

The Lady Spartan’ high scorer was Caitlyn Dimick with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Junior forward Alayna Grosz was key in turning in seven rebounds.

With strong offensive runs, the Lady Spartans were able to close the gap to 12 points by the fourth quarter. However, there was not enough fuel in the tank, and the Lady Spartans fell behind 19 points by the end of the game.

“We did a good job of forcing turnovers and getting those offensive rebounds this weekend,” said Miller. “We need to limit those turnovers and the offensive runs from the opposing team when we face Fallon. We need to answer with our own runs and apply the pressure.”

The Lady Spartans’ record for the season currently stands at 2-1.

Spring Creek’s next game will be away against the Lady Greenwave at 6 p.m. Friday in Fallon.