Details for NOTICE/NO.: 02-2020


NO. 02-2020 NOTICE OF REQUEST FOR STATEMENTS OF QUALIFICATIONS The County of Elko, State of Nevada, is soliciting Statements of Qualifications from parties interested in providing services required for professional engineering, architecture, and other professional services for Elko County, Nevada. Activities may include planning, design, construction inspection, coordination and administration of projects for all Elko County Departments. Professional duties may include but are not limited to the following: - Road and Bridge construction including design, construction management and bid document preparation - Soils analysis and relative compaction testing services - New and re-model Building and Structure design, inspection services, bid document preparation and distribution - Planning and Zoning consultation and services o Land Use Master Planning o Storm Water Master Planning o Municipal and Domestic Sanitary Sewer Master Planning o Municipal and Domestic Water Master Planning - Public Works Construction and inspection services o Municipal and Domestic Sanitary Sewer Facility Design / Maintenance including distribution systems and treatment facility o Municipal and Domestic Water Facility Design / Maintenance including distribution systems, treatment facility and storage o Storm Water Discharge and Community drainage system Design / Maintenance - Professional independent design and management document review - General Professional Services including but not limited to: o Architecture o Civil Engineering o Structural Engineering o Mechanical Engineering o Electrical Engineering o Environmental engineering o Hydro-geology / Hydrology o Land and Construction Surveying services Professionals submitting Statements of Qualifications shall be licensed in the State of Nevada for the professional discipline that is presented as a qualification for tasks as outlined. While no one person or firm may possess all the qualifications for tasks outlined herein, a submittal shall be for the discipline that is considered a strong point for the party that is submitting and shall not be limited to the outlined tasks herein described. Each discipline listed shall include at least Three (3) references complete with a contact name, telephone number, address, fax number and email address. Interested parties should send submittals to Elko County Manager, at 540 Court Street, Suite 101, Elko, Nevada 89801 all submittals shall be received no later than 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time), February 28, 2020 and shall include Three (3) bound copies for review. Inquiries for clarification may be made to the Elko County Manager's Office at 775-738-5398, by fax 775-753-8535 or email Elko County reserves the right to review and select or reject parties based on their past work experience with the County, references, level of qualifications outlined in the parties Statement of Qualifications for services or other pertinent information as may be presented. Additionally, Elko County at our preference reserves the authority to request Statements of Qualifications for any specific Elko County Project. Qualifications shall be on file for the period of one year from the date a list of qualified parties is accepted and approved by the Elko County Commission. All Statements of Qualifications shall be considered at the March 4, 2020 Commissioners Meeting. COUNTY OF ELKO BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS -s- Robert K. Stokes BY: Robert K. Stokes Elko County Manager February 10, 2020 February 14, 15 and 18, 2020



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