Details for NTC/GUYER,

CASE NO. PR-P2-20-1 DEPT. NO. 1 Affirmation: This document does not contain the social security number of any person. IN THE FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF ELKO IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF: JESSICA CASSADY GUYER, aka JESSICA C. GUYER, aka JESSICA GUYER, aka JESSIE GUYER, Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS (90 DAY NOTICE) Notice is hereby given that HUNTER CASSADY GUYER has been duly appointed and qualified by the Fourth Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada, in and for the County of Elko, State of Nevada, on the 29th day of January, 2020, as Administrator of the Estate of JESSICA CASSADY GUYER, aka JESSICA C. GUYER, aka JESSICA GUYER, aka JESSIE GUYER, deceased. All creditors having claims against said Estate are required to file the claims with the Clerk of the Court within ninety (90) days after the first mailing or publication (as the case may be) of this Notice. DATED this 12 day of February, 2020. HUNTER CASSADY GUYER GOICOECHEA, DI GRAZIA, COYLE & STANTON, LTD. Attorneys for the Estate 530 Idaho Street - P.O. Box 1358 Elko, NV 89803 By: LAUREN A. LANDA, Esq. Nevada Bar No. 12606 February 15, 22, 29



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