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You are not alone! Nearly 38 million Americans have some form of hearing loss. For many,
hearing loss is simply the result of living in a very noisy society! Perhaps you enjoyed listening to
loud music or frequented loud sporting events. Maybe your career put you in an environment
with loud commercial machinery.
Whatever the cause, the good news is that new advances in digital hearing aid technology
allow nearly everyone the opportunity to improve their hearing health. In fact, people that
began wearing hearing aids experienced many benefits. They are:
Higher social engagement and enjoyment
Improved cognitive functioning
Increased confidence and optimism leading to a happier life
With a Miracle-Ear® hearing aid you could improve your relationships with your family, gain
back your self-confidence, and feel independent once again.
*Hearing aids do not restore natural hearing. Individual experiences vary depending upon severity of hearing loss, accuracy of evaluation,
proper fit and ability to adapt to amplification. A Miracle-Ear representative can determine which models and options may be right for you.


Will wearing a hearing aid restore my hearing?
Just as eyeglasses do not restore your vision, hearing aids do not restore your
hearing. But with our extensive hearing consultation, we will provide you with the best
recommendation to help improve your hearing.

Is it possible that no one will notice my hearing aids?
You will be pleasantly surprised by how far hearing aid technology has come! MiracleEar has a wide variety of discreet hearing aid solutions including our NEARLY INVISIBLE
Mirage™! But consider this: hearing aid wearers and their families often comment that
hearing loss is far more evident than any size or model hearing aid.

How long does it take to adjust to new hearing aids?
Initial benefits are usually experienced in just a few weeks. However, since hearing is
typically lost over time, it can take up to several months to completely adjust. We will
partner with you throughout this process to help you adjust as quickly as possible.

With so many choices, which hearing aid is best for me?
Every person has a unique hearing profile. We consider many things in the selection of
your hearing solution:
Your hearing needs
We’ll want to learn where and in which environments you have the most difficulty
hearing. This will help us determine the level of technology you need.
Degree of hearing loss
Once we establish this, we can recommend a hearing aid that will best meet
your needs.
Hearing with both ears
We evaluate your hearing needs in both ears as we have found that over 80% of
individuals require two hearing instruments to best meet their hearing needs.

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