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We also have custom fit
hearing protection in a wide
range of colors and finishes to
meet your unique personal traits.


PEr PAIr for non-DIGITAL
cusTom HEArInG ProTEcTIon

DIGITAL Custom-Fit is IPIL Rated*
Each product in the DefendEar Digital product line
uses CEM® electronic modules for impulse noise
suppression and ambient noise amplification. Not recommended
for indoor use or as a replacement for hearing aids.**
DefendEar DIGITAL 1 NRR26
The Digital 1 provides excellent universal noise suppression, wind reduction,
and ambient amplification for a variety of shooting environments.
DefendEar DIGITAL 2 NRR26

aT $1295

The Digital 2 includes two modes allowing for flexible noise suppression.
The Game Mode is optimized for intermittent shots and the Clay Mode is
optimized for continued shots.

DefendEar DIGITAL Hunter NRR26

The Digital Hunter Normal Mode provides the most amplification
of low volume sounds for detecting game movement.
The Wind Mode reduces wind noise
typical in the open range and
in hunting stands.

The DefenDear DigiTal 1 provides excellent all-around
noise suppression and ambient amplification for a variety of
shooting environments.
The DefenDear DigiTal 2 offers two modes for either clay
or game shooting scenarios. Game Mode is optimized for
suppressing intermittent shots while amplifying ambient
sound. Clay mode is optimized for suppressing continued
shots, allowing more flexible noise suppression while still
amplifying ambient sounds.
The DefenDear hunTer boosts low-level sounds for detecting
game moving through leaves and under-growth while
providing impulse suppression tailored for continuous shots
from larger caliber firearms. The DefendEar Hunter has a
second mode to reduce wind noise typical in the open range
and hunting stands.

Financing Available


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