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You are invited to join the
healthY nevada Project!
Participate in the Healthy Nevada Project population health study
and receive genetic testing and an ancestry report at no-cost to you.

When: Sept 21st | 9am-6pm
Where: Elko - Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital
Book your appointment at or call us at 775-982-6914
What is the project about?
This is a population health study to obtain de-identified genetic
data from northern Nevada residents to combine with de-identified
medical data from Renown Health along with regional weather,
geologic and other data from Desert Research Institute. Our goal
is to understand factors that determine health outcomes. One of
these factors is your genetics. We hope to learn about how your
genetics impact your health trajectory and use this information to
help you make better decisions about your health.
What is required of me?
If you are interested in participating, our staff will assist you with
the consent and registration process, as well as guide you through
providing us with a small saliva sample. We will then ship the saliva
sample to Helix for processing. You will need to be at least 18 years
of age and possess a valid and unique email account. Don’t have an
email? We can help you create one!
How can I learn more?
Our website has more information about the Healthy
Nevada Project and many other frequently asked questions can be
answered here:


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