Details for CB/COLDWELL BANKER EXCEL R.E. GUIDE - Ad from 2020-05-21

Getting to Know… Mary Ann “Skeeter” Neff “Mary Ann Nef Neff is a lifelong Nevada resident. “Skeeter” as she has become known to all in and around Elko, is the essence of happiness. She has called Elko home for the last 30+ years moving her here from Eureka, Nevada. Skeeter’ss bright smile and drive to make other people happy has made her Skeeter’ realize ealize that Real Estate is a way she can shar share that happiness with them. When Skeeter is not visiting with her two childr children or spending time with her three thr ee grandchildr grandchildren, she is crunching the listings that may be available to help an established family or assist a new family get their foot in the door of their first home. Skeeter is an accomplished hunter and loves the outdoors including her new vise, golfing. Skeeter has worked for her good friend who owns the Star Hotel and is always ther there when needed. She can be seen there on occasion visiting with her hundr hundreds of friends that come from near and far and always of offer a handshake or hug and especially exchange those great smiles. If you are are looking for someone that you know has your best inter interests at heart, Skeeter will always be ther there to support you and get you the best deal possible. Whether you ar are looking to buy or sell your home, Skeeter will help you with all the details to make your transaction as smooth and painless as possible.” And how to yyou contact Skeeter? Reachh her on the office phone at 738-9866 or her cell at 934-1786 Reac Email her at sk

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