Details for NORTHEASTERN NEVADA MUSEUM - Ad from 2019-07-12

Summer of Silver Please helP us rAIsE fuNds for a new exhiBit for sIlvEr tHE BAld EAGlE. Bring your aluminum cans to the museum all summer long! You and your guests are e invited to the CHAMPAGNE OPENING of a new exhibit for Silver the Ruby Marshes Bald Eagle. Silver was a favorite sight to many people visiting the Ruby Marshes. He frequently argued with fishermen over ownership of a fresh catch and usually won. Hundreds of people were afforded an opportunity to closely view a wildlife rarity until June 25, 1975, when he was killed by a rifleman. We are celebrating the 45th anniversary of Silver’s release at the Ruby Marshes with an updated exhibit. We will have a special reception on August 16, 2019 from 6-8 p.m. Silver’s handler, Lar Caughlan, will be with us to offer a dedication as he did at Silver’s champagne opening in 1976. Join us on August 15th at noon in the Museum Theater for a Brown Bag History presentation by Lar Caughlan. Mr. Caughlan will lead a free yoga session in the Museum’s Halleck Bar Gallery at 6 p.m. on the same evening. Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm | Sundays 1pm-5pm 1515 idaho street elko, nevada 89801 738-3418

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