Have you ever found yourself asking, “What is a Chamber of Commerce?”

Well, according to the dictionary, a Chamber of Commerce is, “a local association [that] promote[s] and protect[s] the interests of the business community in a particular place.”

Quite simply, when someone says, ‘Elko Area Chamber,’ the first thing that will hopefully come to mind is “local” and “community oriented;” an organization who provides businesses opportunities for growth, access to resources and community involvement.

Why should a Business consider joining the Elko Area Chamber?

Elko Area Chamber was the first Chamber to be established in the State of Nevada; that’s over 100 years as a reliable advocate for Elko County businesses of every size and sector.

Benefits – When you become a member, you receive a variety of progressive, flexible benefits to invest into the future of your business.

Networking – The Chamber hosts a variety of monthly and annually held events, and provides voluntary committees to further new business contacts and to help businesses grow.

Credibility – By becoming a member, a business is making the statement that they are committed to the future of Elko County.

In other words, you will get what you put in – participate, volunteer and join committees to form valuable business relationships and seek to use the resources and benefits provided by your Elko Area Chamber; then watch as your business progresses.

For more information, contact one of the Elko Area Chamber’s motivated staff at 775-738-7135.

We are the Business Behind Your Business.