ELKO – Tucked away in a small and stylishly decorated niche, McAdoo’s is a local favorite for breakfast and lunch.

“I have always wanted to own a restaurant since I was a little girl,” owner Rachel McAdoo said. “It’s always been a dream of mine.”

McAdoo received a Super Slicer for her 12th birthday.

“I saw it on an infomercial,” she said.

Her first job was at the Pine Lodge. Then McAdoo went to culinary arts school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

“I had all kinds of classes, everything from baking, cooking, sauces,” she said. “We also had a bartending class. I took accounting and human resources. It was in the hotel college.”

After college McAdoo managed a small café at the Nevada Museum of Fine Art, The Café Musee. That is where she fell in love with the lunch specialty restaurant.

The menu at McAdoo’s is small but detailed. Before starting the restaurant she had already composed most of the menu. Many of the items are among her favorite eats.

“The most popular item is probably the chicken sandwich and for breakfast we have a breakfast croissant that has an egg and bacon on it,” she said.

The restaurant serves bison burgers and a few other specialties not common elsewhere in Elko. There is a full bar which highlights Ruby Mountain Beer on tap.

“McAdoo’s is one of our favorite places to dine at,” Annette Matte said on Facebook. “The food is fresh and real. Try their lavender lemonade!”

“The staff we have here keeps it successful on a daily basis,” McAdoo said. “That old saying of, ‘No one will take care of your business as much as you do,’ does not ring true here. The staff genuinely wants to give our customers the best experience possible and they do so every day. We take care of one another like a family and that shines through in their daily work.”

McAdoo’s employs a staff of eight to nine people. McAdoo said the restaurant can get pretty hectic at times.

The February special at McAdoo’s is red velvet cream cheese pancakes.

“It’s basically like eating a piece of cake for breakfast,” she said.

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