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Express Car Wash

A vehicle begins its "Silver" level cleaning journey through the Express Car Wash tunnel at 12th and River streets.

ELKO — Drivers have a new place to wash off road salt and off-road mud from their cars and trucks.

Express Car Wash opened last week on River Street next to the 12th Street Bridge, and offered free washes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Owner Chuck Petersen began construction last July, and said his new drive-through car wash can accommodate 120 vehicles per hour.

“We had three days of free washes last week, so Monday was our first day of business. We’ve been pretty steady ever since,” he said.

Four levels of cleaning and polish are available through the 120 foot long tunnel.

Manager Lisa Albitre explained, “It’s a ‘tier’ system, with all of the lower tiers included when you buy a higher tier. It’s mostly different shines and soaps available.”

All four tiers feature “Basic” access to the three rows of coin-free vacuum cleaners, which also include a compressed air gun for blowing out cracks between or under seats. The second tier, Silver, adds wheel and rim scrubbing. The top tier, Platinum, includes a Carnauba wax finish.

A one-time car wash starts at $8, and monthly Unlimited service starts at $29.99, which allows customers to clean their vehicles up to once a day. A microchipped FastPass sticker placed in the front window allows Unlimited access past the touch-screen at the outside gate.

Vehicles entering the wash tunnel first pass through the “Lava Shield” dispensing foamy soap. Red lights shining through the foam give it the appearance of red-hot lava pouring onto the dirty vehicles. A series of fans blow-dry the vehicles exiting the tunnel.

Jesse Hipes of Spring Creek brought in his three-week-new car for its first washing.

“I don’t like road salt,” Hipes said, adding that he liked the free vacuum cleaners better than coin-operated counterparts. His children enjoyed the experience of riding through the tunnel of foaming, spinning brushes, Hipes said.

Express Car Wash at 1130 River St. is open Monday through Saturday.

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