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State lawmakers look at proposed laws concerning guns, education and construction defects. Page A5

Business Name: Score out of 100

Oct. 15

Northside Elementary School Kitchen—Elko: 100


Flag View Intermediate School Kitchen: 98

The walk-in freezer has stalactites of ice forming from the ceiling around the condenser, and there is a damaged seal at the top of the wall shared with the walk-in refrigerator. Repair it to prevent damage to food product.

Oct. 16

Crescent Valley Elementary School Kitchen: 96

The dishwasher does not have any discernible chlorine residue. A hand drying device or towels were not provided.

Oct. 17

Kennedy Ranch: 100

Oct. 30

Carlin Combined School Kitchen: 100


Carlin Open Door Senior Citizens Center:100

Other inspections

Oct. 16

Eliza Pierce School:

There are large cracks in the hallways that are sealed and do not present a tripping hazard. The school will be replaced by new construction and demolished for the 2015-16 school year. Rake or add pea gravel to the required 9 inches in heavily used areas under swings and at base of slides. The faucets in the boys’ restroom do not run for at least 20 seconds.


Crescent Valley Elementary School:

Staff is unclear of the status of the school sewage disposal system. The faucet in the girls’ restroom nearest the principal’s office does on stay on unless held down.


Mary S. Black Elementary School:

There is no hot water in the main building or closest portable classroom. The large boiler was replaced with a smaller model recently. Look into flash heaters or a larger boiler to meet the hot water demand. There are broken and falling ceiling tiles in the corner of the teacher’s workroom of the main office and in faculty restrooms. Student prescription medicines are stored in the office supply closet, accessible to any person entering the school office. Keep medicines in a locked cabinet accessible only by school nursing staff. The boiler room door was unlocked. Place covered garbage cans in the restrooms of the special education portable classroom to prevent student or pest access to soiled wipes and toilet paper and other hygiene items. The boys restroom of the portable computer classroom is missing a mechanical ventilation unit, and in faculty restrooms the vent does not turn on.

Oct. 29

Ruby Valley Elementary School:

Move weeds and clear brush in the play areas to prevent attracting pests.

Oct. 30

Carlin Combined School:

There are chipped or missing coving tiles throughout the high school building. The benches in the weight room are ripped and frayed. replace the cloth-upholstered bench in the boy’s locker room with a vinyl or other easily cleanable material. The hot water tap in the biology classroom does not produce hot water. Move the Gojo soap container on a counter or in a wall unit, not in the sink basin. There is no hot water supplied to several taps. All automatic taps should be adjusted to flow for a minimum of 20 seconds.


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