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State lawmakers look at proposed laws concerning guns, education and construction defects. Page A5

Business name: Score out of 100

Sept. 11

Costa Vida: Fresh Mexican Restaurant: 85

There were two severely dented cans that were voluntarily discarded. All deliveries should be inspected before being stocked. There were spoiled tomatillos found in the walk-in refrigerator. The operator stated they were delivered that day and would be inspected and discarded as necessary. Raw shrimp and fish were stored in the reach-in cooler above the shredded cheese. The operator reorganized them and there was no evidence of contamination. Utensils used at the grill are being stored in murky sanitizer. They should be stored dry and cleaned and sanitized at least every four hours. A worn and cracked meat cutting board was in use at the grill. The operator removed it from use. All cutting boards and other surfaces should be clean and in good condition. There is a steady drip at the main backflow prevention device. It was last inspected June 2013, contact a plumber to reinspect and certify the backflow prevention device annually. Pay close attention to floor sinks under the counters and equipment as they are dirty. The dumpsters are overflowing and lids may not close. They should be emptied more frequently or supply extra dumpsters to prevent accumulation of refuse on the premises. Mops were resting in the mop sink with buckets of dirty, stagnant water. They should be stored in a way that facilitates drying and empty the mop buckets after each use.


Jack in the Box No. 7322 Elko: 96

Bulk bins were stored on the shelving unit under the main water line. The operator moved them and there was no evidence of contamination. A single-serve bowl is being used as a scoop in the bulk rice bin. Staff should use only provided scoops in bulk bins.


Telescope Lanes Blind Onion Restaurant: 98

Utensils should not be stored on top of product containers or the ice bin unless surfaces are frequently cleaned and sanitized. Scoops should be stored in a manner that protects from from contamination. There is a missing tile in front of the kitchen near the preparation coolers. The operators are in the process of replacing the flooring and backsplashes with durable quarry tile. Designate an area for staff belongings away from the food storage and preparation areas. Install a divider, such as a clear plastic curtain, between the kitchen and the dry storage areas to prevent the accumulation of flour outside of the preparation area.

Sept. 12

Watering Hole Bar Elko: 96

Set up wiping cloths and buckets properly at the start of all shifts. Several sinks are currently supported on unsealed wooden blocks. Install proper risers made of a smooth, durable, easily cleanable material. Provide a waste receptacle in the ladies room.


The Watering Hole — Bar Kitchen: 96

Place a thermometer in the cooler with the dairy and other temperature-controlled food items. Dispensing utensils are not being properly stored. The beverage gun holster on the far side of the bar drains into a beer pitcher on the floor. All lines should drain to a floor sink. Install a long enough drain line to reach the closest floor sink.

Sept. 15

9 Beans & A Burrito: 94

There is no thermometer in the reach-in refrigerator near the steam tables. A large quantity of partially frozen meat was found stacked in the preparation sink. The operator stated that it was set there prior to preparing for cooking and being returned to the refrigerator. The product was still within temperature and was returned to the refrigerator. Remove food in smaller quantities an immediately return it to the refrigerator to limit the time raw meat sits at room temperature. Ensure that the three-compartment sink is set up to wash, rinse, sanitize and air-dry. Dishes must be thoroughly rinsed prior to sanitizing as the detergent interferes with the sanitizer. Warm water should be used for dish washing. The faucet for the hand sink near the dry storage area needs to be tightened so it does not fall at an angle.


Double Dice Sports Bar: 98

The three-compartment sink should be used to wash, rinse, sanitize and air-dry, in that order. If utensils are not fully rinsed prior to sanitizing, the detergent will interfere with the sanitizer. Check the concentration of the sanitizing compartment with test strips each time it is filled. Due to placement of the tubing extending from the check valve on the carbonator, it is unclear if the leaking is from the machine or another piece of equipment. Keep the line extended so it is visible to staff if it has failed. If it is indeed the check valve leaking, discontinue use of the beverage gun and contact a technician immediately.


Double Dice Grill: 94

Bacon was found in the refrigerator above cooked meat. A container of raw hamburger was stored on the lower shelf against containers of cooked meat. Raw animal products should be stored segregated from ready-to-eat foods. Do not store the ice scoop on the machine top.

Sept. 16

Scoreboard Lounge — Bar Kitchen: 100

The establishment was not operational at the time of the inspection.


Scoreboard Lounge — Bar: 97

Both dish washing machine had a temperature of 110; proper wash and rinse temperature for both machines is 120-150 F. They had adequate chlorine residuals. Have the machines serviced and the temperature gauges recalibrated. Repair or replace the seal on the roll door so that it is flush to the ground and prevents pest entry. There is no evidence of pest activity in the establishment. Encourage staff to keep the dumpster lids closed at all times.


Performance Athletic Club: 100

The establishment was not operational at the time of the inspection.


Performance Athletic Club LLC Snack Bar: 95

Provide thermometers in all refrigerators containing potentially hazardous foods. Temperatures should be 41 F or below. There are no test strips available to check sanitizer concentration in the three-compartment sink. Please order some. The floor sink is dirty or blocked. The residential refrigerators should be removed or replaced with commercial refrigerators at the earliest opportunity.

Sept. 17

Smith’s Food King Elko — Meat Market: 90

Food in the walk-in refrigerator was stored out of order. The operator reorganized it and there was no evidence of contamination. Several receiving doors do not seal properly. Inspect all external doors and repair seals so that pests may not enter the establishment. Email self-attestation of repairs to ldoolittle@health.nv.gove within 30 days.


Smith’s Food King — Elko: 90

Juice and packaged herbs in the cold case near the produce area were found past the manufacturer’s sell-by date. The operator removed them immediately. Do not display food for sale after the pull-by date. A dented can of seafood was found at the meat market. Provide thermometers in every refrigeration case throughout the store. All refrigerators and cold display cases should be at 41 F or below. Scoops in the bulk bins are in the product. Store scoops out of the product and in a manner that protects from from contamination. Floor sinks throughout the store need to be cleaned, particularly those under counters and equipment. Reorganize the rear storage area so that the unused receiving door is not completely blocked. Although the door is not used, as old seals deteriorate, it may become an entry point for pests and should be regularly inspected. Mop sinks throughout the establishment with spray nozzles should have the nozzles removed from all hoses when not in use to prevent malfunction of the backflow prevention device.


Smith’s Food King Elko — Bakery: 92

Cleaning supplies other than approved sanitizer were on the shelf in the bakery intermixed with food bins, and boxes of household chemicals were stored above canned goods in the back hall. The operator reorganized it immediately and there was no evidence of contamination. Ensure that all food products are stored separately from toxic chemicals, pet food and other non-food products that present a contamination hazard. Remove all wooden pallets and shelving from refrigerators throughout the store. All shelving must be smooth, non-absorbent, light-colored and easily cleanable. The high temperature dish washer is reaching adequate temperatures, but the temperature gauge is not registering. Have a technician repair it.

Smith’s Food King Elko — Deli: 96

Sliced meat was found stored in non-food grade plastic containers. Store all food product in food-grade containers only. The drain from the prep sink extends beyond the floor grade into the floor sink. Shorten the line so that it is 1 inch above the grade. Self-closing hinges on the employee women’s restroom is not sufficient to close the door. Install a functioning self-closing mechanism. The curtain in the walk-in freezer has ice build-up and is beginning to break. Shelving units in the walk-in freezers and refrigerators should be on casters to facilitate cleaning.

Sept. 18

Roy’s Inc. Market Elko — Meat: 93

Raw meat stored above ready-to-eat foods or stored with raw meat products in improper order was discovered in multiple areas of the store. Reorganize all displays and the walk-in refrigerator. Wiping cloths must be stored in a bucket of water with adequate sanitizer concentration. Reseal the hand sink basin where it meets the wall. The caulking is beginning to deteriorate. The faucet for the three-compartment sink is leaking in multiple joints. Do not use cloths to hold together the plumbing fixtures or drain lines. Do not use wood blocks to prop up the drain line at the three-compartment sink.


Evergreen Floral Shop Snack Bar: 96

Soy milk and chai tea mix are stored under the hand sink. Rearrange it to prevent contaminating food products. The single-serve cup lids were stored incorrectly; store all of them so that the food contact surface is protected from contamination. Do not use the three-compartment sink for hand washing. The establishment does not have male and female restrooms available. A food establishment may not provide seating without also providing at least two restrooms. Remove benches and the seating area.

Sept. 19

The Lodge at Pine Valley: 94

Thermometers are not being provided in refrigeration units. Scoops stored on top of bulk product bins are unprotected. The cutting board on the salad preparation table is severely warped. Replace it as soon as possible. Evaluate all cutting boards and preparation surfaces. Shorten the drain line from the salad bar ice basin. A consumer advisory on raw or undercooked food may be posted in a conspicuous location on in a menu. Also post signage at the salad bar requesting that diners use a new plate and utensils each time they use the salad bar.


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