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Food Service Establishment Inspections

August 17 – 25, 2016

Rigobertos: 99

In their pre-inspection before opening the flooring was found to be in poor repair. All refrigeration units are fully functional and the restaurant has been approved to serve the public.

Battle Mountain High School Lunch Program: 100

Mountain City Restaurant: 95

This restaurant is very clean and compliant. The operator needs to complete the American National Standards Institute accredited food safety management course within 45 days.

Mountain City Restaurant Bar: 100

Taylor Canyon Resort Snack Bar: 92

This facility is still under a boil water order from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. A sign is posted on the entrance indicating that a boil water order is in place. Bottled water is being served to the public and ice is purchased from a permitted facility. There is no evidence of rodent infestation. The owner is currently working with an environmental engineer to dig a new well behind the establishment. Employees should not conduct ware washing with a non-commercial dishwasher. All ware washing must be done with a three-compartment sink. Wiping cloths must be stored in a bucket of water with adequate sanitizer concentration.

Taylor Canyon Resort Bar: 100

Lone Mountain Station Restaurant: 95

The well was tested positive for fecal coliforms. More samples will be taken to confirm that the results are accurate. In the meantime, the operator will only serve bottled water and bagged ice as a precautionary measure. The operator posted a sign indicating that tap water and ice will not be served to the public. The operator will be submitting more water samples next week to the lab for further testing. The Bureau of Safe Drinking Water, a section under the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, did not approve the water source. The establishment will be changing owners in the next several weeks.

Lone Mountain Station Bar: 93

Water tested positive for fecal coliforms. The operator will not serve tap water or ice to the public until this issue is resolved. Drinks must be served in disposable cups so that exposure to the public is minimized. Wiping cloths must be stored in a bucket of water with adequate sanitizer concentration. Wiping cloths intended for use on customer tables or food contact surfaces must be sanitized in between uses.

Ells Chinatown: 100

Ruby Lake Resort Bar: 100

Ruby Lake Resort Market: 100

Taqueria El Jaguar: 100


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