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J.M. Capriola wins bronze award for jewelry

Rick Buerkle displays a piece of jewelry at J.M. Capriola Co.

J.M. Capriola Co., which has been serving Elko since 1929, took the bronze award for jewelry in the 2017 Readers’ Choice contest, a first for the company.

“I am kind of surprised. All the times, they never had a category for us. There’s never been a leather category,” owner Doug Wright said.

J.M. Capriola specializes in leather goods but is known for its turquoise and sterling silver jewelry, he said. The store also sells Native American jewelry.

“We have fine leather goods for Christmas,” Wright said.

Along with the custom leather goods and silver engraved items produced on-site, the store sells clothing for the whole family, housewares, home décor, ropes, working tack, and rodeo gear. J.M. Capriola is the home of the original Garcia bits and spurs and has an Old West museum upstairs.

“J.M. Capriola is passionate about continuing to preserve the Western heritage that has built its business,” said Susan Wright, co-owner of the family business.

G.S. Garcia moved his business from California in 1893 to the growing ranching community of Elko and opened the G.S. Garcia Harness and Saddle Shop. He hired apprentice Joe Martin Capriola, and by 1929, Capriola had opened his own business a few doors down from Garcia’s business.

The two worked together, according to a history that Susan Wright provided. Garcia would send Joe Martin Capriola repairs, while Garcia focused on making fancy saddles.

J.M. Capriola has been headquartered at the same location in Elko since 1929.

“Not many businesses can boast on the longevity and uniqueness that J.M. Capriola Co. continues to provide,” Susan Wright said.

Doug Wright said there are roughly nine employees.


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