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Business Name: Score out of 100

Dec. 30, 2015

Himiko Steakhouse & Sushi: 73

Glass cups were found on the food storage shelf in the kitchen. Food waste was dumped in the hand sink in the sushi preparation area. Food preparation was occurring in the hand wash sink in the kitchen. The hand wash stations are to be used for hand washing only. The food handler was found washing hands in the third compartment of the three-compartment sink. Employees must only wash dishes in the three-compartment sink. The PH level on the sushi rice was not at an adequate level. The employee could not properly demonstrate how to test the PH level on the rice. Ensure that employees are trained and testing is conducted with each batch of sushi rice. Bulk mayonnaise must be kept under refrigeration after it is opened. The mayo container was found on the dry storage shelf in the kitchen. The person in charge relocated the product. The food preparation cooler was found at 50 F and raw fish in the cooler found at 48 F. The person in charge stated the food items are rotated every four hours. Ensure these items do not exceed the proper holding temperature for extended periods (no greater than 70 F within six hours). Contact the health department to confirm that corrective training has been conducted on proper cold holding of food products. Several items did not have a label. All items held longer than 24 hours must be date labeled. The thermometer in the display case of the sushi bar was found broken. A thermometer was not present in the preparation cooler in the sushi bar. Several items were found in buckets on the floor of the walk-in cooler, and were not covered for protection. Dirty towels were used to wipe food preparation counters during the inspection. A serving dish/container was used as a scoop and left sitting inside the bucket of sugar. A dispensing utensil should be used and stored with the handles up and out of the product. An employee needed to be instructed to wash his/her hands before donning gloves. Another employee was trying to wash the gloves while on his hands, instead of discarding the used gloves and washing his hands. Ensure that employees understand the proper use of disposable gloves, and hand washing techniques. Dirty utensils were found stored with clean utensils on shelves. Ensure that employees are properly washing and sanitizing all food preparation equipment. The hand wash sink in the kitchen is leaking. Have this repaired as soon as possible. The cooler unit in the front walk area near the entrance must be removed from the premises. There was excessive build-up under large equipment. Increase deep cleaning to prevent excessive build-up of food and grease debris.

Jan. 5, 2016

Inez’s D&D — Bar: 98

The small refrigeration units are not commercially rated equipment and must be replaced when they are no longer operating. The floor sink is dirty or blocked.


The Brew Bar: 100


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