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Dec. 22

Aspen’s Grill at Red Lion Elko: 85

Multiple items were found in the walk-in refrigeration without date labels or past the seven-day maximum time limit for potentially hazardous foods. The operator discarded all old or questionable food during the inspection. The primary dish machine is not reaching adequate hot water sanitizing temperature or registering chlorine sanitizer residue. The temperature and pressure gauges were not functional. Thawed fish in vacuum packaging was without a manufacturer’s label in the walk-in refrigerator. The operator stated that the fish is received in bulk and vacuum-packed in-house. The establishment does not have pre-approved plans or waivers to pack any food in this manner. The operator immediately discarded the fish.


Red Lion Elko — Coffee Garden: 85

Styrofoam cups filled with warm food and spoons were stored in corners of the hood above the kettle in the dry storage room. The operator discarded them. Ensure that there is no eating or drinking except from approved containers in any food preparation area. Raw beef product was stored above raw fish in the walk-in refrigerator. Two bins of dry bulk goods and multiple items in the walk-in refrigeration was left uncovered. The operator discarded or covered product as applicable. Cleaned cutting boards were found drying on a rag on the floor. Do not place clean items on the floor. The operator re-washed them and will dry them on drainboards. Extensive staining, pitting and scarring was evident on cutting boards throughout the establishment. The main dish machine drain line was not directed to the nearby floor sink. Shorten the drain line from the ice bin to the bar at least 1 inch above the floor grade to prevent back siphonage.

Dec. 23

Cactus Pete’s Chevron Gas Station: 90

Over-the-counter medicine on display was intermixed with food items. Keep test strips on site at all time to verify sanitizer concentration. The check valve on the soda machine is leaking and shows evidence of corrosion. the three-compartment sink was noticeably dirty during the inspection. Clean counters around the soda machine and under the microwave and plastic drink trays in the walk-in refrigerator.


Four Jacks Casino — Bar: 91

A gallon of milk was dated Dec. 16 in the reach-in cooler. The operator discarded it. Thermometers were not provided in refrigeration units in a conspicuous location. There was no sanitizer set up. Areas under the counters and equipment should be cleaned more frequently.

Dec. 30

La Corona Taqueria: 82

The meat processing unit is located next to the ice machine. There were remnants of raw meat on the outer surface of the ice maker. You must segregate the meat slicer and processor from the ice maker. The operator cleaned and sanitized both and the ice was discarded. NO soap was available for the hand sink. Beans were found at the hot-holding station at 112 F. They were discarded. Sanitizing solution must be available at all times to wipe down food contact surfaces. Discard all condiments that are exposed to room temperature after four hours or keep them stored below 41 F. Store all ready-to-eat foods such as cooked rice in food-grade containers. Items in the refrigerator were not labeled. The three-compartment sink has no floor drain. The establishment must fix this issue within a month.

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