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Business Name: Score out of 100

Jan. 6

Ruby Mountain Pizza Co.: 100


Ruby Mountain Pizza Co. — Catering: 100


Taco Bell — Elko: 98

Clean and sanitize above and around the beverage dispenser. Remove unnecessary clutter and unused equipment from the premised.


Red Lion Elko Chevron: 100

Jan. 7

Fiiz Drinks: 100


Hardy Enterprises Store No. 53: 100


Big Petroleum dba Elko Tesoro Station: 100


Our Store: 100

Jan. 12

Sinfully Delicious LLC: 100


Sinfully Delicious — Catering: 100


Star Hotel — Restaurant: 84

The hand sink in the food preparation area must be repaired so that employees can have full access to proper hand washing. The hand sink in the adjacent room was used as a dump sink. Hand sinks must be used exclusively for hand washing only. Raw beef was stored above uncovered pasta. Raw beef was also stored above shellfish. No bleach test strips available. The only test strips available during inspection were quaternary ammonia test strips. The warewashing unit must be tested daily for optimal concentrations of bleach to ensure that pathogens are destroyed. Bleach strips were left for the operator. Food items must be date labeled and discarded after seven days of preparation if they are not consumed.


Star Hotel — Bar: 95

The hand sink is not properly supplied with soap and/or disposable towels.


Star Hotel — Caterer: 100

Jan. 13

Rigoberto’s: 97

Cold preparation items such as sour cream and condiments had temperatures recorded slightly above 41 F. If food temperatures are above 41 F and under 70 F, discard the food items if they are not consumed within six hours. Date label all food items and discard them if they are not consumed within seven days after preparation.

Jan. 14

Nevada Restaurant Services Inc. — Service Kitchen

The hand sink is not properly supplied with soap and/or disposable towels. Date label all foods and discard any unconsumed items after seven days of preparation. The door at the entrance of the facility must be sealed.

Nevada Restaurant Services Inc. — Warehouse: 99

Remove unnecessary clutter and unused equipment from the premises.

Jan. 21

Denny’s Restaurant Elko No. 8758: 94

The food handler was observed improperly washing his or her hands. The bucket in the front service area had not been refreshed at the time of the inspection. The person in charge instructed the employee to correct it immediately upon noticing.


Crystal Theatre — Snack Bar: 100

Jan. 26

Flag View Intermediate School — Kitchen: 94

The dish washing machine appears to be overwhelmed as it is not reaching proper sanitizing rinse temperature toward the end of the shift. The person in charge attests that the machine was reaching proper temperature when tested in the beginning of the shift. Food trays are washed in the machine, and can be dunked inside the third compartment sink with sanitizer solution used for final rinse on large pans. Consider adding a hot water booster to the machine or add a chemical sanitizer additive equipment. The kitchen needs more racks to allow for proper drying of equipment. Pans should be stored in a shingled fashion to promote air circulation and proper drying if time is not allotted before storage occurs. Food trays normally dry well when the final rinse temperature on the machine is at proper temperature. Allow adequate time for drying before stacking and storing food trays.


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