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Business Name: Score out of 100

Nov. 10

Nevada Youth Training Center — Warehouse: 100

Nevada Youth Training Center — Kitchen: 100

Spring Creek Elementary School — Kitchen: 99

Be cognizant of the presence of dented cans and discard any that are present in your inventory.

Spring Creek Middle School — Kitchen: 100

Sage Elementary School — Kitchen: 97

Be mindful of changing gloves frequently to prevent cross-contamination. If you touch any items or objects other than food, you must change the gloves. An air gap of 1 inch is needed for the condensate line of the walk-in refrigerator.

Elko Senior High School — Kitchen: 94

Do not use the hand sink as a dump sink. Address the excess clutter that is scattered throughout the kitchen.

Warrior Field: 97

This facility needs more employees to be certified in an accredited food safety management program to attend every concession event. You will have 45 days to complete the course. No critical violation was cited for this deficiency. The ice machine needs to be thoroughly washed and sanitized. Reduce the clutter that is scattered throughout the facility to minimize rodent infestation. The brick walls must be sealed for easier cleaning. All floors and walls must be constructed of a smooth and non-porous material for easier cleaning. The operator will paint the walls before next season.

Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. Warehouse — Elko: 99

Keep all gas cylinders secure in their cages with chains to prevent tipping.

Liquidators & More: 100

FISH Dining Room — Elko: 99

Address the holes on the walls where the hand sink is located. the holes are an easy entryway for rodents.

FISH Warehouse — Elko: 99

Dumpster lids are missing or not closed, exposing trash to weather, vectors and scavenging.

Nov. 17

O’Carrolls Inc. — Restaurant: 93

The owner must send more employees to a food safety management certification course so that all shifts are covered. Employees must implement a rapid cooling procedure with any soups that are leftover or cooked in advance. Health department staff left handouts illustrating proper cooling procedures. Meats were not labeled with dates. Raise the drain pipes so that they are at least 1 inch above the rim of the floor sinks to prevent backflow.

O’Carrolls Inc. — Bar: 95

Provide towels for drying hands.


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