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State lawmakers look at proposed laws concerning guns, education and construction defects. Page A5

Business Name: Score out of 100

Oct. 2

Super Stop — Market: 89

The food handler was observed sneezing into hands, then handling packaged food items without first washing hands. There is no hot water at the hand sink in the men’s restroom and the second kitchen hand sink. Reconnect the hot water lines within 30 days. Obtain sufficient test strips to check sanitizer concentration each time the sink or sanitizer buckets are filled. Chlorine concentration should be at 50 ppm. Shorten the drain lines throughout the establishment to at least one inch above the floor grade. The sink under the soda machine and other equipment needs to be cleaned regularly.


Super Stop — Warehouse: 99

Remove unnecessary clutter and unused equipment from the premises.


Super Stop — Deli: 86

Raw shell eggs were stored above ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in refrigerator. The operator reorganized it and there was no evidence of contamination. Potato and macaroni salad containers were found in the walk-in refrigerator past the manufacturer’s pull date and/or open and seven days past the date of opening. Sliced tomatoes and shredded lettuce were found above 41 F in the grill-side preparation cooler. The operator stated the food had been there several hours. It was discarded and restocked. Keep the cooler lid shut to help regulate temperature. Salami, shredded lettuce, potato and macaroni salads were found in the salad bar cooler at approximately 50 F. The operator stated that food had been out for about an hour. Discard all potentially hazardous food in the cooler at 3 p.m. and restock for evening service. The establishment cooks large batches of some foods, then portions and freezes the batches. The operator states that the cooling takes approximately four hours, but does not check the temperature throughout the cooling process. The establishment should consider implementing and documenting a time-marking system for cold-hold items kept in preparation coolers or the salad bar. Thermometers were not available for use by the food preparation staff. Open boxes of exposed corn dogs and burritos were found in the walk-in units. This food should be kept covered. There was also food on the floor in multiple walk-in units. Post signs at the salad bar.

Oct. 7

Warrior Field: 89

An entire crock pot of nacho cheese and open No. 5 cans were in the refrigerator. If food is kept for re-service, it must be properly cooled and be labeled with the date of preparation. Provide stem thermometers to cheek the cook temperatures on meat products and hot/cold holding temperatures. Small straws, stir sticks and boxes of plastic forks were observed stored in an open container, unprotected between events. The hand sink in the gym concession area needs to be cleaned. Do not store rags or cleaning supplies in the sink. Replace household appliances with commercial equipment as soon as possible.


Elko Senior High School Kitchen: 99

There is paint peeling off wood in the storage area. Reseal the floor.

Other inspections

Elko Senior High


There is missing/broken ceiling tiles near the custodian closet of the drafting classroom. Flooring is beginning to peel around the lockers in the main girls gym locker room. There is a crack in the wall, damaged flooring and separating base covings in the old gym girls locker room. Reseal the covers on benches in the weight room and training room. Raw shell eggs are stored on the top shelf of the refrigerator. Remind students to store raw animal products below ready-to-eat-foods. Keep thermometers in all refrigerators and obtain test strips to check bleach concentration when diluting. Mechanical ventilation is not working in the girls bathroom of the senior building.


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