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Hello Wild Baby Co.

Sisters Candance Foster,left, and Ashley Bradley have started a business called Hello Wild Baby Co.

SPRING CREEK — Sisters Ashley Bradley and Candace Foster are the founders of Hello Wild Baby Co., a retail business which looks to provide stylish, nature-inspired baby goods to quality-conscious parents and gift givers.

After each attempting to establish a home business on their own, the siblings eventually decided to team up and launch this company with the hope of providing some unique baby products to the community, all while being stay-at-home moms and wives themselves.

“There are some hard days,” said Candace Foster. “When the kids are running around the kitchen table screaming as you’re there trying to put products together, you wonder if it’s worth it. But as moms and wives, it’s important to have something that’s your own. Something that gives you a sense of identity.”

Some of their biggest obstacles come from the fact that they are building their brand from the ground up.

“Compared to some home businesses that comes pre-established with national branding, staff and support, we have to take on many roles at once because it’s all on us,” said Ashley Bradley. “Marketing, design, product production, our website — if we make a decision on anything, that’s on us.”

When it comes to establishing Hello Wild Baby Co. in the Elko area, the sisters are working hard to build their customer base, get the word out about what they’re looking to accomplish, and put a lot of effort into getting in front of the right people as they look to show potential clients their heart behind their products. And since they are not a part of an existing recognized brand this has proven to require a lot of determination.

“We’ve reached out to some small shops in our community and even some groups on Facebook for support, information and encouragement and we’ve gotten a lot of great assistance from so many people who have been where we are now,” said Foster when asked how they overcome the struggles.

“We’ve been open since August 25th and we’ve had many hard days so far, but it’s our passion for what we’re doing that gives us the strength to keep moving forward. We want to show our kids what it looks like to keep trying something you really care about.”

Hello Wild Baby Co. can be found at


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