ELKO -- Tera Hooiman doesn’t just do business in Elko; she lives to make it a better place. When she purchased Event Source, it was with that goal in mind.

“We really just saw a need,” Hooiman said. “A community need, and a need that wasn’t being fulfilled. And so, through buying an existing business we were able to put our spin on it and make it our own.”

Over the past several years she has worked hard to expand the platform of Event Source. While customers can still simply rent tables, chairs and bounce houses, they can also hire her and her team to completely take care of everything from weddings, to birthday parties, to fundraising events.

For the events, she constructs many of the decorations and furnishings herself. Everything from arbors to bars and hand-lettered signs have her personal touch.

The largest wedding she organized was in Lovelock for 580 guests. For the event she hand-lettered more than 20 table signs. In order to finish the project, she turned to family. Her daughter helped with the highlights on the lettering.

When an event is finished the specialty items are stored in her warehouse until they are needed again.

She believes that good business is based on understanding relationships.

“Knowing those that support you … as a business owner. There’s competition in everything – there has to be for a business to thrive – but knowing the individuals and businesses that are in your corner. You know, surround yourself with good people. Build the relationship before you need it. That’s the biggest thing.”

But those relationships need to be an open road running in both directions.

“With other businesses and other nonprofits, I want them to know – more so than anything – that if they’ve built a relationship of trust and honesty and whatever with me, then anytime that they need something that they can come to me and the answer will never ever, ever be no.”

One of those relationships in Hooiman’s life is the one with her mother, Teryl Gibson.

Gibson, who teaches at Adobe Middle School, has lived a lifetime giving to her community. She gave Hooiman the best advice she ever got, advice that she keeps it in mind as she works on her events, events that make others shine.

“It’s amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who receives the credit,” she said.

“I had a lot of time in my life where I was in the limelight. I did a lot of shows. I sang cabaret in Reno. … And (you need to) be appreciative…. The people that are on the ground, putting up the tents and the table and chairs, they’re not the ones on the stage getting the accolades and the awards, but there are so many things that wouldn’t have happened without those type of people in the world.”

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