Nancy Streets Advertising Director 775-748-2704
Jeff Mullins Editor 775-748-2707
Dororthy Vance Financial Controller 775-748-2711
Kevin Kampman Publisher 775-748-2702
Robert Cooper 7753403831


Nancy Streets Advertising Director 775-748-2704
Betti Magney Advertising Representative - Retail, Digital, Preprints, Mining Quarterly 775-748-2706
Lizz Todd Advertising Representative - Retail, Digital, Employment, Mining Quarterly 775-748-2714
Kassidy Arbillaga Advertising Representative - Retail, Digital, Mining Quarterly 775-748-2744
Seana Chapman Advertising Representative - Classified, Legals, Employment 775-748-2738
Carol Mott Advertising Representative - Classified, Legals, Commercial Printing 775-748-2747


Jeff Mullins Editor 775-748-2707
Suzanne Featherston Mining Quarterly - Mining, state and county reporter 775-748-2715
Anthony Mori Sports editor and reporter 775-397-3252
Toni Milano Courts, K-12 schools & Spring Creek reporter 775-748-2718
Cynthia Delaney Business and lifestyles reporter 775-750-4501