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Business Name: Score out of 100

Feb. 11

Wendover Fuels: 100

Peppermill Inn Kitchen: 92

Raw meat was stored above ready to eat foods. Ensure that proper food storage occurs especially with raw items. Food products were not correctly labeled. The dishwasher thermometer did not work properly. Ensure that rinse temperatures reach 180 degrees. This establishment has improved since last inspection.

Poncho and Willie’s Cantina-Peppermill: 91

The hand wash station was not clearly designated. A sticker for proper sink designation was provided. Food products were not properly labeled. The ice cream scooper was not stored in a dipper well. The beverage gun and holster need to be cleaned and sanitized.

Poncho and Willie’s Restaurant-Peppermill: 95

Food products were not properly labeled. The dispensing utensils in food products or dipper wells must have the handles up. The establishment was advised not to use cups or serving pans as dispensing utensils. Single use gloves were not changed as required. Some equipment from prior use was found with old food debris. Ensure that equipment and surfaces are properly cleaned and sanitized before the kitchen closes.

Café Milano-Peppermill: 100

Espresso Bar-Peppermill: 100

Cabaret Bar-Peppermill: 98

Clean and sanitize the beverage gun and holster. The hand wash sink did not have hot water.

Poker Bar-Peppermill: 92

The hand sink was not properly supplied with soap or disposable towels. Garnishes were not properly labeled or stored. Ensure that garnishes are covered to prevent cross-contamination.

Gift Shop and Liquor Store: 100

Casino Warehouse-Peppermill: 100


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