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What does being an Elko Daily Free Press carrier have to offer you?

  • Additional income for schooling, entertainment, clothing, vacations, gifts, household expenses, etc.
  • Convenient hours (allowing you to attend school, maintain another job, have the remainder of your daytime hours free)
  • Personal develpement of service, sales, and bookkeeping skills
  • Looks good on a resume
  • Improved physical/emotional health through exercise

What are some of the qualities that the Elko Daily Free Press looks for in a contractor/carrier?

  • Service oriented to provide a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Dependable and responsible
  • Prefer early morning and evening hours
  • Committed to 6 days a week
  • Have a support system (family, friends, etc.) to assist as a substitute when needed
  • Good organizational skills
  • Sales oriented - ability to communicate well with existing customers and to approach potential customers
  • Eager to obtain additional customers on his or her route
  • Able to maintain a bookkeeping system to track payment of subscriptions
  • Able to communicate with existing customers to discuss collections of subscription fees

If you have questions about this form, you may call Circulation at 775-738-3118.

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