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American Legion Riders

American Legion Riders present Maria Kauffman, center, with a Blue Star Banner. From left are Gary Mann, Shawn Horton, Garr Miller, Randy Highland, Rickey Highland and Gary Konakis.


ELKO — The American Legion Riders recently delivered a Blue Star Banner to Maria Kaufman at Gold Rush Harley Davidson.

The Legion Riders recognize people who have immediate family members serving on active duty, and Maria’s son is currently serving in the U.S. Army.

“Those serving on active duty could be fathers, mothers, sons or daughters. We’re proud of all of them,” said Randy Highland, director of Legion Riders. “We would like for everyone in Elko to know that there is a large number of our young people that are serving in the United States military right now that are from Elko and the surrounding area. We want to honor the sacrifice they are making to protect our country and our way of life.”

The group is part of the American Legion Post 7 based in Elko. All of the members are connected with the U.S. military in some way.

“Most of us were active duty at one time, some have immediate family members that were or are active duty,” Highland said. “We want to raise the awarness that we live in an area that has a large number of veterans.”

Some of the other things that the Legion Riders do are promote motorcycle safety, attend veterans community programs and flag cerimonies, raise funds for scholarships, and more. When the weather gets a little nicer the group will organize monthly motorcycle rides and invite the public as they have in the past.

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The American Legion is one of the largest veterans organizations in America that fight for the rights and benifits of veterans.

Check out the group on FaceBook at LegionRidersPost7, or at


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