Bullock breaks through with new album

Troy Bullock's newest album will come out in March.

ELKO – Local musician Troy Bullock feels this is going to be a good year. He has an appearance scheduled at the Grand Ole Opry in early spring, a 200-day tour with — hopefully — country legend Ronnie Milsap, and a soon to be released album and single.

Life is good.

“I was kind of one of those kids who was dreamer,” Bullock said. “Things can always be better and better.”

Bullock was born and raised in rural northern Idaho where he started playing guitar when he was 8 and piano a little later.

“At 13 I played my first gig in a bar in Idaho.”

Music did not provide him with a straight shot to fame. Instead, he entered the Air Force.

“It was one of the proudest things I have ever done,” Bullock said. “If I did not have this bug I have for music I probably would have retired from it.”

He served in Georgia, Germany, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

After that he went into construction back in Idaho where he did very well. Foreseeing an eventual economic collapse before the recession, Bullock sold everything he had and moved to Nashville for 10 years.

Bullock cut his teeth in the music industry there where he met and learned from professionals in country music. He now plays six or seven instruments. Bullock also takes pride in the fact that he learned how to arrange, produce and direct his own work. His production company is called “Cursed Cowboy Production” and his record label is “Round Toe Records.”

A few years ago Bullock and his wife, Sarah, decided to make their home in Spring Creek and they have a small ranch there.

“I used to tour through here,” Bullock said. “During my first national touring experience this was the jump from San Jose to Salt Lake City and we would play at the Stockmen’s. We would always have a monster crowd at Stockmen’s and had a lot of fun here.”

After moving to the region Bullock worked here in mining. He gave up his day job in October so he could concentrate on music full time.

A single from his Bullock’s last album earned him a slot in the top 50 billboard hits. The song is “Country Go ’Round.”

“That song is about the war on coal,” Bullock said. “My family is generations of coal miners.”

His newest album, four years in the making, “Pay Dirt,” is slated to come out in March with a single release in mid-February. The single is titled “Junior and Waylon.’

To get a sneak peak, Bullock’s appearance on KRJC can be viewed on Facebook.

Bullock explained that picking a single for release is a very complicated process.

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“A major player is on the record because it’s a big deal,” Bullock said. “Brent Mason did all of the guitar work on this. He is probably one of the greatest guitar players to ever grace the strings.”

Bullock feels very good about the single release process and is hoping for a top 10.

He credits his team with helping him reach his goals. Having a good manager is key.

Tour manager Mike Pool first met Bullock at a Kenny Chesney tour where Bullock was the opening act in Madison, Wisconsin. The meeting was brief.

They met again, by chance, at the Stockmen’s. Pool was then associated with the Grand Ole Opry.

“It was in the early ‘90s,” Pool said. “I was running all over the country with musicians doing the same thing that I will be doing with Troy, orchestrated chaos.”

“He’s a glorified baby-sitter,” Bullock said, laughing.

“People call someone like Troy that pops on the scene and has a lot of notoriety an overnight success,” Pool said. “But people don’t realize it may take 20 years to become an that overnight success.”

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