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4 plants you should keep in your bathroom
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4 plants you should keep in your bathroom

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Bathroom Plants


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When you think of rooms to grow indoor plants, your bathroom probably isn’t high on your list. The low light and damp environment definitely doesn’t suit most houseplants, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little green to this space. Here are 4 plants that will thrive in this unlikely room.

1) Bamboo

Bamboo needs very little light to grow, so it can be placed in a bathroom with a frosted window. Place the stalk in pebbles and water and change the water every month to help this fast-growing plant thrive. Added bonus: it makes even an ordinary bathroom feel like a spa.

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2) Dracaena

This air purifying plant, also known as a dragon plant, was designed to thrive in bathrooms—the leaves get scorched in bright light. They also love the humidity your shower provides, which keeps the green leaves healthy and bright.

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3) Air Plants

Air plants have become increasingly popular in the last few years since they grow without soil and grab most of their water from the air. Place them by a bathroom window and allow your shower to do most of the watering for you.

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4) Eternity Plant

Eternity plants, also known as ZZ plants (Zamioculas zamifolia) are the perfect pick for those aspiring indoor gardeners who just can’t seem to keep anything alive. These hardy green plants are nearly impossible to kill, even with very little water and low light.

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