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Buying Guide: These yoga mats are so pretty you’ll never want to store them
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Buying Guide: These yoga mats are so pretty you’ll never want to store them

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Whether you’re a lifelong yogi or just starting your daily practice, having a good foundation is a key part of keeping up with yoga. These yoga mats aren’t just functional. They’re also designed to look unique and beautiful enough that you’ll never want to roll them up.

1) Persian Carpet Yoga Mat

Yoga 1


This Persian carpet printed yoga mat fits in with almost any style of décor. The realistic pattern looks just like your favorite style of runner, while the non-slip textured surface and ¼ inch thick mat will provide extra support during the most difficult poses.

Ananda Premium Print Yoga Mat available from Amazon

2) Geometric Mat

Yoga 2


Yoga Design Lab has dozens of patterns and colors of yoga mats, but this bright geometric design combines hues of green, blue, pink, and purple to uplift your daily practice. A yoga towel and carrying strap are also included so you can take your practice anywhere.

Yoga Design Lab The Combo Yoga Mat available from Amazon

3) Marble Inspired Mat

Yoga 3


If you still love the marble everything home décor trend, this yoga mat from Aimerday is for you. The lightweight mat is odor-free, extra-long, super thick so you can use it for almost any home workout. The marble pattern design comes in six colors. This mat also weighs less than 2 pounds and includes a carrying strap for maximum portability.

Aimerday Non Slip Yoga Mat Eco Friendly available from Amazon


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