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Plenty of pups run and hide under the bed, whine, or pace during thunderstorms, but dog owners are often at a loss for how to ease their pet’s anxiety. Before resorting to medication, try this compression thunder coat from American Kennel Club to help your dog calm down.

How It Works

This anti-anxiety dog coat relieves stress by providing an even constant pressure on the dog’s torso like swaddling a child. The effect of this pressure is calming for most dogs. Pet owners can use the coat to ease anxiety during thunderstorms, fireworks, crating, veterinary visits, car rides, and other new or stressful situations.

Sizes and Styles

The American Kennel Club anti-anxiety dog vest comes in three colors (pink, blue, and grey) and five sizes from extra small to extra large. It’s easy to get on squirmy pets thanks to adjustable Velcro closures.

Why Customers Love It

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Finding the right solution for your dog’s anxiety might take some trial and error—but for some Amazon customers this anti-anxiety thunder coat was the perfect solution. One customer used the coat to help a rescue dog with a traumatic past calm down in a new home and noticed the dog was less reactive to noises and was able to sleep soundly. Another dog owner said this vest immediately stopped barking and whining during thunderstorms and fireworks.

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