ELKO – According to Cattlewomen member Sidney Wintermote, Elko County has more cattle per capita than the rest of the state combined. It is fitting that Elko Mayor Reece Keener read a proclamation at Tuesday’s city council meeting naming February as Nevada Beef Month.

“Whereas Elko County cattlewomen say, ‘Eat more beef,’ and now, therefore, I, Reece Keener, mayor of The City of Elko, extend our deepest appreciation to the Elko Cattlewomen of Elko County for continuing their support for the promotion of beef, and I hereby proclaim the month of February 2019 as Beef Month.”

Following tradition, Wintermote handed Keener a wrapped tri-tip presented by the Cattlewomen.

“Every year we bring [the mayor] a piece of beef,” Wintermote said.

“Every state delegates their own month as beef month and Nevada chose February,” Wintermote said. “It goes well because February is Heart Health Month and we like to incorporate beef as a heart-healthy part of your diet.”

Wintermote’s family owns Merkley Ranches near Jiggs. Wintermote believes that people should understand where their food comes from.

“Even within our county there are many people that are uneducated, which is kind of sad because it is literally in their backyard,” she said. “You can reach out to anybody in our ranching community that can help them find information. We have a Facebook page and Instagram, all under Elko County Cattlewomen. We have a lot of beef facts, ranching facts and recipes.”

Wintermote encourages people to join or attend the quarterly meetings the association holds.

“Anybody can drop into our meeting to see what we are about. Many people think that in order to join the Cattlewomen you have to own a ranch or own cattle and that’s not the case.”

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