OWYHEE – In grand tradition, Owyhee Combined School has its third grand prize STEM Fair (formerly Science Fair) winner following in the footsteps of Destany Sky Pete, 2017, and Rubina Dann and Bethany Pete in 2007.

“Medicinal Activity of Larrea tridentata and Juniperus osteosperma Extracts” earned Rachel Gallego and Destiny Max a first grand prize. The team worked under the direction of Science teacher DeeDee Dann and will travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in May to compete at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

First place winners included:

  • Managing Moisture in Garden Soil: Chance McKinney and Ramon Cordova, first place in the physical science category, 11th grade. The project also won the Stockholm Water Prize.
  • Blue Flax Project: Kayla Gibson and Thalia Thomas, first place in the technology/engineering category, 10th grade
  • Solar Pancake Cooker: Abigail Cota and Zayin Wasson, first place, second grade
  • Second place winners were:
  • Propagation of Artemesia Biochar: Clayton Cota, second place, life science category, 10th grade. This project also won a special prize for sustainability.
  • Insulation Alternatives: Bobby Kelly, second place technology/engineering category, 11th grade
  • Glue Resin: Chris Pedroza, Tracy Kelly, second place, technology/engineering category, 12th grade
  • Ahh-Chooo! Ms. Donnelson’s class, second grade, second place
  • Third place and honorable mentions:
  • The Effect of Smudging on Airborne Bacteria: Terry Howard, third place, life science category, 11th grade
  • Energy in Wood: Acilino Thomas, 3rd place, physical science category, 11th grade
  • Propagating Viable Choke Cherry: Monte Cummins, third place, life science category, 9th grade
  • Popping Popcorn: Ms. Darling’s class, second grade, honorable mention

A special award in biology from Great Basin College went to Lilly Johnson, seventh grade, for her project, “Radon Gas.”

Marilyn Harney and Monte Cummins will present their research at FFA State next week as well. Marilyn’s project was “A Comparative Study of Synthetic Dyes and Natural Dyes on Synthetic and Natural Fabrics.” Marilyn put a lot of work into her research.

A special thank you goes to Susan Filkins who provided guidance to several of the science projects, and to Barbara Pete, longtime science researcher and science fair supporter.

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