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Pet of the Week

Hello, my name is “Diesel." I am a 3.5-year-old male Border Collie/Corgi mix. I am a very sweet and loving boy that gets along with other dogs. I am looking to find my new forever home and I am hoping to find just the right fit. I will be able to go to my new home on Nov. 14th after I am fixed.

Elko Animal Shelter

Statistics for week of Nov. 1-8

Incoming: 42

Adopted: 22 Returned to Owner: 17 Rescue Group: 3 Euthanized: 2 (Feral Cats: 12) Owner Surrendered: 6 Currently in House: 23

Adult Dogs:

1-Male, Labrador/Poodle Mix

1-Male, Labrador Mix

1-Male, Retriever/Shepherd Mix 1-Male, Border Collie Mix 1-Male, Border Collie/ Corgie Mix 2-Neutered Male, Dachshund Mixes 1-Female, Terrier Mix

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2-Male, Rottweiler/ Shepherd Mixes = 3 Months Old 2-Male, Shepherd Mixes = 11 Weeks Old

1-Male, Smooth Collie Mix = 5 Months Old

Cats: 7 (Neutered Male=1)

Kittens: 3

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