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April 8, 1893: The Belmont Courier says if the annexation of Utah should be accomplished, Nevada would have an area of about 196,566 square miles and be next in size to Texas, which has an area of about 274,356 square miles.


Yesterday was Arbor Day, but no trees were planted in Elko as a crowbar would have been needed to dig the holes. It was a good day to put up ice, or gone sleigh riding.


Charley Greenberg went out to Salt Lake Tuesday evening to see the new Mormon temple dedicated.


A large crowd of friends and school mates of Miss Lena Alexander were at the depot Monday morning to bid her farewell on her departure for San Francisco, where she is to be married to Mr. George Letter of Oakland, tomorrow evening.


April 8, 1918: Saturday was a big day for Elko and the outpouring of people to witness and take part in the Liberty Loan celebration was an expression of their loyalty and patriotism. The day had been declared a holiday by the governor and was observed by all the business houses in the city, and early in the day people began coming in from the surrounding country. The parade started from the old high school building at 1:30 o’clock and was the largest Elko has seen yet. The course of the parade was east on Court street to Eleventh, thence south to Idaho, and west on Idaho to Third, south to Commercial, east to Seventh and north to Railroad and west to the opera house.


Yesterday was “Good Roads Day” on the Overland Trail, and at every place along the road the report comes that the people got out and did a lot of good work. From Elko two parties left during the forenoon, one going west to Carlin and the other east to Deeth, both parties being met at the other end by parties working this way. They found the roads in excellent condition and but little work was required to remove the chuck holes and make other minor repairs. The ladies who accompanied the men folks took along their lunches and the day’s work was finished with a regular picnic dinner.

April 9, 1918: W.J. Smiley, one of the progressive ranchers of Starr Valley, has solved the labor problem of putting up his hay crop this summer. He came to town yesterday and realizing the patriotism of the Elko attorneys, went directly to them and put his predicament up to them with the result that he secured a full crew of men, subject to his call. Judge Taber agreed to do the stacking, Otto Williams will run a buck rake, Judge Curler will be in charge of the rake and Milton B. Badt will drive the derrick. As Mr. Smiley’s hay crop amounts to more than a thousand tons, out attorneys have a man’s size job ahead of them. Mr. Smiley agreed to run the mower and furnish the grub.


April 9, 1943: Patrons of the Hunter and Elvada theatres contributed $445 in the recent Red Cross drive here. The local drive was a part of the National Theatre Red Cross War Fund collection, and Theo Miller, theatre manager was exceptionally well pleased the showing made in Elko. He said today “ I wish particularly to thank the members of the women’s clubs of Elko, who did such excellent work in the collections. The theatres deemed it a privilege to aid in the drive.”

April 12, 1943: The management of the Town House, one of Elko’s most popular night clubs, has been sold to Fernando Puccinelli by Peter Brust and Ernie Hachquet. Puccinelli who has been managing the Silver Dollar club for several years said today the fixtures would be moved to the Town House and that it would be renovated for a special opening in the near future. He was one of the original owners of the Town House, opening this night club in 1935 with Celso Madarieta. He later went to the Silver Dollar and Madarieta and Pete Jauregui ran the Town House until they sold to Brust and Hachquet.

April 13, 1943: Pete Jauregui, who recently purchased the Star hotel from Frank Arrascada, plans to make some improvements. While they are necessarily limited, because of the times, he has purchased the bar from the Silver Dollar, formerly owned by Fernando Puccinelli. He plans to move it to the Star hotel. Oddly, Jauregui was the first owner of the hotel and after it changed hands a number of times has again come back to him. It was sold to him by Arrascada in a matter of seconds. During a recent conversation Arrascada expressed the opinion that he would sooner be outside, Jauregui said, “All right, if you feel like that and wish to sell, I’ll buy the hotel.” And so the deal was made. Charles Gardner was the contractor on the building, which was constructed in 1910 and 1911. Jauregui ran it for a number of years, during which time it became famous for the fine food which was served there. Later Peter Corta of Jiggs bought it from Jauregui, later Joe Corta, now of San Pedro, bought it from him. Frank Arrascada was the next owner and he elected to sell it back to Jauregui.


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April 9, 1968: Discussion of a proposed “leash law” to control animals, particularly dogs, within the city of Elko is expected to dominate a meeting at 7 tonight of the city council. Members of the council have had the dog control ordinance under consideration for some time and are expected to vote on the proposed new law following tonight’s public hearing. Other matters on the agenda released by City Manager Jack Sutherland include preliminary planning for the addition of nine holes to the city’s new golf course and a discussion on the proposed construction of a new swimming pool.

April 10, 1968: Kent Giles, Elko District Manager, Bureau of Land Management, announced today that water well drilling has been completed at the proposed Ruby Marsh and Wilson Reservoir Recreation Camps. Preliminary well and water tests have indicated a good supply of water. The recreation facilities are presently being designed for both of these areas.

April 12, 1968: Wayne Newton, who started his singing career a number of years ago on the Monte Carlo Stage Bar at the Commercial Hotel in Elko, hit the big time this week as host of a nationwide television special. The entertainers who appeared with Newton included Frankie Lane, Kay Starr, the Mills Brothers, Johnnie Ray, the Count Basie Orchestra, Tennessee Ernie Ford and the Paul Weston Orchestra.

April 13, 1968: Elko Police Chief Dan Taelour today announced the Elko Police Department will be unable to sponsor the Easter Egg Hunt that has been held in the city park in years past.


April 9, 1993: South Fork Reservoir is on the rise, but the water building up behind the dam is owned by the Lovelock farmers and will most likely be departing next month. The state, which has control over the reservoir, is storing water in South Fork as a result of flooding that occurred this spring between Battle Mountain and Winnemucca, State Engineer Mike Turnipseed reported. Turnipseed added that if additional storms were forthcoming, and Rye Patch Reservoir filled up without the water impounded at South Fork, then the water could remain here. No matter what happens, the reservoir is expected to rise somewhat due to the wet winter. State officials, though, said there are too many variables involved for them to speculate how much of a rise that will be.


Elko County Public Works Department moved across the street earlier this week from the engineering building at 536 Court Street. The engineering building will now be renovated for the county manager. After the county manager moves, some of the assessor’s staff is scheduled to relocate from the basement of the Elko County Court House. Then that space will be used by Elko Justice Court.


Elko City Planning Commission voted Tuesday to allow rezoning of two parcels that may become sites of elementary schools. The Elko County School District requested the rezonings. The first parcel, eight acres between Celtic Way and El Armuth Drive, was rezoned from residential to public/quasi-public. The second parcel, 11.3 acres south of 611 Bullion Road was rezoned from residential mobile home to public/quasi-public. Each of the new parcels may become the site of an elementary school, said Bert Elliott, director of instruction for the school district. The rezonings now go to the Elko City Council for final approval.


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