ELKO – Barrick Gold Corp. updated its management structure last year, but it has continued to refine its leadership.

As part of that refinement, Andy Cole, who has been the general manager of Goldstrike Mine since 2011, was named executive director, Barrick U.S.A.

“My focus is going to be looking at the growth and development of Barrick, primarily within Nevada, working closely to ensure that permitting — those project timelines — hit their marks,” Cole said.

Cole will be based in Elko and will work as a joint business leader with the general managers of Goldstrike, Cortez and Turquoise Ridge. He will also work with President of Barrick U.S.A. Michael Brown, who previously served as executive director.

Cole will be responsible for communications, community relations, corporate social responsibility, energy, Elko finance and permitting.

Cole also will continue to advise on the TCM project at Goldstrike, according to Barrick.

“You need somebody on the ground in Nevada, where the bulk of the mines are,” Cole said. “I think that’s really where my focus is going to be, and those issues and supporting the mines primarily in Nevada to continue to grow and be successful and be a sustainable operation in Northern Nevada.”

He said the company recognizes Nevada as one of its key areas.

Cole said he will focus on being “a good partner” to the general managers.

“We will continue to work closely and coordinate,” he said.

Two of the newest general mangers are Bill MacNevin and Curtis Cadwell.

MacNevin was the general manager at Barrick’s Lumwana Mine in Zambia. He took over the general manager position at Goldstrike. MacNevin has nearly 30 years of international mining experience, having served in management positions at operations in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and Zambia.

Cadwell was appointed general manager of closure sites. He will manage Barrick’s global portfolio of closure properties, the company stated. Cadwell joined Barrick in 1998 and has served in management positions in North America and Australia. He was the general manager at Bald Mountain before it was sold to Kinross Gold Corp. last year.

Cole’s Mining Career

Barrick hired Cole in 1994 and he has more than 25 years of experience in processing, environment and operational management.

He grew up in Reno, and because of a friend, he found his career in mining.

“I became very good friends with a guy from Winnemucca, whose dad happened to be a chief chemist at Pinson Mining Co. For whatever reason, that still escapes me today, he took a liking to me and offered me a summer job.”

He handled samples in the assay lab. He then went to the University of Arizona and earned a degree in metallurgy.

“He really helped to mentor my career,” Cole said. “When I graduated, being a Nevada guy, I wanted to come back to Nevada. I came back to Nevada in 1988.”

He spent six years at Freeport Jerritt Canyon and Big Springs.

When he joined Barrick in 1994, he was the chief research metallurgist at Goldstrike.

“I did that job for about eight months,” he said.

Cole then went into operations and spent a couple years in Toronto doing the engineering on the roaster.

He spent the majority of his Barrick career at Goldstrike, with the exception of his time in Toronto, and he spent a few years at Ruby Hill Mine from 2009-2011.

Cole said not being on a mine site every day will be an adjustment.

“It’s going to be interesting,” Cole said. “When you spend your entire career at a mine site and you love the feel and the rhythm of an operation. I’m looking forward to my new job. I’m excited. There’s a lot of challenges.”

Cole said he sees a lot of “optimism” for Barrick’s objectives and goals “to continue to be the best mining company.”

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