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RENO — Itronics Inc. has measured surface 0.4 ounce per ton gold and 5 percent copper at the Auric Gold & Minerals Inc.’s Fulstone Gold Silver Zinc Copper exploration project, the company announced Oct. 23.

The favorable geology, geochemistry, and geophysics between two sample locations and along the Fulstone Fault in Yerington suggests the potential for discovery of large tonnages of high-grade silver, gold, zinc, and copper mineralization.

The Yerington Mining District hosts several multi-hundred-million-ton copper deposits and is favorable for discovery of additional large deposits. The Fulstone Project is one of the more prospective areas in the district that has not yet been drilled.

In early September, surface grab samples were taken at two locations within the project area. One set of samples was taken at a location that was previously identified as being within a gold anomaly and that was suggested as a drill hole location in a 2018 updated report. Three samples were taken on an east-west line about 200 feet apart.

The first sample was anomalous for gold, zinc, and copper. The second sample contained 0.4 ounce per ton gold and anomalous copper and zinc. The third sample contained 0.2 percent zinc, 0.04 percent copper and anomalous silver. All three samples contained anomalous molybdenum.

The second set of samples were taken at a newly identified mine shaft and prospect pit about 2,000 feet north of the northern most zinc anomaly. One of the samples taken contained 5 percent copper accompanied by anomalous gold, silver, and zinc. A second sample contained 0.3 percent copper, 0.36 ounce per ton silver, and anomalous gold and zinc. The third sample contained anomalous gold, silver, copper, and zinc. All three samples contained anomalous molybdenum.

The company said the sample results justify putting in a sample grid later this fall designed to determine the extent of the gold mineralization at this location.

Auric Gold & Minerals Inc. is a majority owned subsidiary of Whitney & Whitney, Inc. which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Itronics Inc. Itronics Inc. is a producer of Greentech GOLD’n GRO zinc fertilizers and silver products and a green “Zero Waste” technology development company.

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