ELKO — The Elko Mining Group donated nearly $20,000 worth of office furniture to the Elko High School.

The donation was coordinated by Michelle Medrano, the administrative assistant, who was tasked with getting rid of the furniture due to the organization’s recent office relocation. The company decided to donate the furniture to the high school in October.

“We have moved our office to Reno, Nev. and are closing our Elko office. [We] wanted to donate whatever we could into the community,” said Lisanna Lewis, the Elko Mining Group’s regional controller and treasurer. “One of our employees has children who attend the school and made the recommendation.”

Medrano contacted the high school’s maintenance director, Lawrence Sharp, and the high school administration gladly accepted the offer. The donation included several desks, a receptionist desk configuration, over 30 office chairs, small printers, bookshelves, credenzas, a full sized fridge, a conference table and filing cabinets.

High school’s principal Tim Wickersham said donations like these are appreciated, as some of the furniture kept in the school is quite outdated.

“We can always use those kinds of things. Things get old and break down. Some teachers have desks that are over 50 years old. [Furniture is] expensive to buy, and we often don’t have enough money in our budget,” Wickersham said.

Despite this being the Elko Mining Group’s first donation to the high school, it is not the first time the organization has reached out and helped the Elko community. The group has donated funds to FISH, the Northern Nevada Autism Network, the Elko High School football program, American Cancer Society and Great Basin Community College.

The Elko Mining Group is a domestic limited-liability company and can be contacted by phone on 775-623-5760, or by visiting the new office location at 230 S. Rock Blvd., Suite 30, in Reno.

The high school encourages the community to reach out, as donations are always welcome and help will always be accepted. Letters can be issued to confirm donations for tax forms purposes.

“We’re very grateful for the support we get from the community, not in just donations, but in all the things that they do for us,” Wickersham said.