Employees of Newmont Mining Corp. set records for percent participation and donations dedicated to the company’s charitable workplace giving campaign in Nevada this year.

Seventy-five percent of Newmont’s Nevada employees participated, pledging $1.45 million to area nonprofit organizations to be distributed in 2018. The mining company plans to match equally the employee donation to raise the total to a record $2.9 million.

“We’re so proud of our employees’ generosity, as this year’s campaign represents the largest amount we’ve ever raised as part of our workplace charitable giving programs,” said Nancy Ostler, executive director of the Newmont Legacy Fund.

Company representatives revealed the record-breaking stats to a crowd of employees posed in front of a haul truck at the Long Canyon Mine between Wells and West Wendover on Nov. 8. Ostler helped unroll a banner depicting the amount in big, bold, gold letters before the group as she made the announcement.

“This is just a cool investment in our community and building that legacy that we’re all building, so thank you so much,” she said.

Pamela Smith, Newmont external communications manager, chimed in with a hearty, “Thank you, guys!” The miners erupted in applause.

This is the company’s eighth year conducting the program, through which employees can elect payroll deductions to contribute to a nonprofit of their choice. Newmont covers all the administrative costs of the program so that 100 percent of employees’ contributions and the company match go to help some of the more than 200 Nevada-based nonprofits.

“If you have a passion for something, you’re going to donate more,” Oslter said, explaining that allowing employees to choose their benefactors might have boosted interest, which is up 5 percent from the 2016 campaign.

Also this year, Newmont launched a Legacy Fund in Colorado, through its Cripple Creek & Victor Mine. With 30 percent employee participation, a total of $140,000 was raised.

The combined Nevada and Colorado campaign totals translate to nearly $3.1 million that will benefit communities in both states in the coming year.

“On behalf of everyone at Newmont, I express our sincere gratitude to all Legacy Fund participants for their boundless generosity,” Ostler said. “I also want to personally thank the hardworking, dedicated campaign coordinators who continue to make the Legacy Fund a tremendous success. Their deep commitment to creating value and improving lives through sustainable and responsible mining is truly heartwarming.”

Newmont also announced that its Endowment Fund, founded in 2010, reached $2.1 million in 2017. The fund is dedicated to helping sustain local communities after the mining company has finished operations in northern Nevada. This resource continues to grow by about $300,000 each year through employee and Newmont donations, investment income and outside sources.

“So we are really in celebration mode,” Ostler said. “Newmont has always had a culture of giving.”

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