Pray & Company buys Mine Staffing International

Pray & Company buys Mine Staffing International

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Pray & Company is growing with the acquisition of Mine Staffing International and associated assets from co-founder Bob Lundblad in a deal expected to close in the first week of June, opening the way for new opportunities.

The all-cash arrangement offers Pray & Company “more international presence, which is exciting for us,” said Dana Pray, co-owner of the company with Rhonda Zuraff, who together bring years of experience in human resources in the mining industry and in communications.

Acquisition of Mine Staffing International includes that company’s website that will continue, and Pray and Zuraff said Lundblad has agreed to stay on at least through 2021.

“The ability to offer a wider array of solutions to clients, such as leadership training, performance management programs and engagement surveys, is among the many exciting aspects of this purchase,” Lundblad said in the acquisition announcement.

Both Pray & Company and Mine Staffing International do most of their work remotely and virtually, so there is no physical office changing hands, and the COVID-19 pandemic has not impacted their work outside of cutting back on travel.

“For us, we always worked virtually. We work from our homes, so there wasn’t a huge change for us,” Pray said. “We’re using Zoom and various technologies. We’re just starting to do a little business travel.”

Zuraff said Pray & Company “clients are doing the exact same thing. I think we will slowly see that subside but in a measured way. We’ve been helping some of our clients navigate these COVID-19 waters to make sure they are compliant with new legislation,” such as the CARES Act.

Along with filling staffing needs for clients in the mining industry, construction sectors and more recently government entities, Pray & Company provides human resources and health and safety services, training, communications services and another new service, feasibility studies for existing clients.

The company completed a human resources assessment for Eureka County that was on the Eureka County Commissioners’ agenda for action May 6, which is one example of the work Pray & Company offers.

“We intend to broaden our effort with government work using our resources in human resources,” Zuraff said, adding that a niche for the company is rural county jurisdictions which have challenges finding qualified employees, or the need for full-time people in certain fields.

Providing services to governments at this time will focus on Nevada, Utah and Arizona, “but we’re not limiting to them. We’re just starting out,” she said in a phone interview that included Pray.

Pray said mining is still a significant part of the business, “but we are looking for diversification and continue to look at ways to diversify. Mining lends to our backgrounds well.” She also said the company focuses on small to medium mining companies but will not turn away the larger companies.

One aspect of the work in mining is finding people to fill jobs in the industry.

Zuraff said Pray & Company can also help the mining industry and other clients with pre-employment services and hiring issues that involve immigration.

For pre-feasibility studies, the company has an engineer on contract, she said.

Pray & Company also offers recruitment brand marketing and related communications services, such as reputation management and use of social media.

Despite the pandemic impacts, Zuraff said Pray & Company has a “very favorable outlook” for company growth in the medium and long term and “sees growth in the infrastructure, civil construction and government space once the economy rebounds.”

Pray & Company is a branding that has evolved from the name Pray Solutions that Zuraff and Pray started in 2017. The company has since grown to include five others on the payroll, and will now grow to also include Lundblad and his employee.

One of the recent additions to the staff is Tori Martinez, manager of human resources services, who has 18 years of experience in mining and master’s degrees in leadership and industrial/organizational psychology.

“In volume and revenue the last few years since we started, we’ve grown about 20 percent a year,” Zuraff said.

Pray is based in Elko and Zuraff in Carefree, Arizona. Before the pandemic restricted travel, part of their business was traveling to clients.

“Most importantly, we are having a ton of fun and really appreciate that we can execute well, offering a large amount of flexibility for our clients and our employees,” Zuraff said.

The website for their company is The website for Mining Staffing International is


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