Tertiary Minerals US Inc. received a Hardrock Mineral Small Operator Award from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management at a national awards ceremony for work on an exploration project in Eureka County.

Acting BLM Director Michael Nedd presented the honors Nov. 6 at the event hosted by the National Mining Association in Washington, D.C.

The U.S. subsidiary of Tertiary Minerals of the United Kingdom was honored for exceptional reclamation work on the Stevens Basin project involving the exploration for fluorspar, according to the BLM.

“We are delighted to receive this prestigious award, which is a testament to the operational and environmental excellence the company strives for and to the quality of the carefully selected contractors employed on our operations,” said Managing Director Richard Clemmey.

Fluorspar is used as a flux in the steel-making process and as a source of fluorine for the chemical industry.

The BLM stated that after exploration at 24 drilling sites, the company began reclamation, focusing on recontouring roads and revegetation.

“Despite the challenges of multiple use on the public lands, including arid climate and alkaline soils, Tertiary Minerals did an exceptional job removing invasive weed species from reclaimed sites and using trees and brush to block access to reclaimed roads,” the BLM wrote.

Tertiary’s MB Project is southwest of Eureka and covers roughly 2,800 acres, the company states on its website.

The site was initially explored in the 1960s by Union Carbide for beryllium, and other companies exploring for other commodities included Asarco, Bear Creek Mining, U.S. Borax, Amselco, Arimetco and Homestake Mining, according to Tertitary.

The BLM reported the staff at the BLM Battle Mountain District’s Mount Lewis Field Office nominated Tertiary Minerals.

Tertiary is the only one of the four BLM awards presented in Washington, D.C., to involve a Nevada site.

Teck American Inc. of Spokane, Wash., received a Hardrock Mineral Environmental Award for its environmental stewardship, and XII Caesars LLC of Snowmass, Colorado, received a Hardrock Mineral Small Operator Award for a company with fewer than 15 employees.

The recreational organization Havasu 4 Wheelers of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, won the Fix a Shaft Today Award for its participation in the FAST! Campaign, a partnership initiative aimed at eliminating unsafe abandoned mine land features, including open mine shafts.

Nedd said these year’s winners “demonstrated initiative, leadership and environmental responsibility without compromising the needs of future generations.”