Spring Creek president

Jessie Bahr is the new president and general manager of the Spring Creek Association.

SPRING CREEK — New Spring Creek Association president Jessie Bahr knows her job will be chaotic and stressful at times but she is hoping she can bring a level of calm to the position.

“Being in the business world you need to understand that problems and pressure come with the job,” she said. “But obviously there’s things that will come up that you’ll have to fire-fight and adjust to.”

Bahr, who has a background in business and community organizing, took the position in December and ran her first meeting as president on Jan. 27.

Bahr is still settling into the position but said the process has been made easier by the other members of the board.

“At the association we have a lot of folks who have been here for a while and they understand a lot of different aspects of what we are doing in the association,” she said. “I think the staff here really believes we can do great things.”

Bahr added it’s also helpful that people on the board live in the neighborhoods that the association serves.

She is no stranger to the workings of the association. Prior to be selected as president she always tried to make herself aware of what was going on in the community.

“On the outside I hear things and I talked to a lot of people who had a vested interest in what was going on,” she said. “I found it really important to understand where we are.”

Even though she has tried to stay connected to the desires of the community, Bahr said she would like to work on finding other avenues to connect Spring Creek residents to the actions of the association. One possible way the association has discussed is the use of social media platforms.

“With Facebook and social media such a huge part of today’s world I think social media is key,” she said. “Updating our Facebook page and our website to get it more functional is going to be key.”

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Bahr also mentioned that improving the association’s online presence is part of a larger not yet developed “Communication Plan” that will keep Spring Creek residents informed if they are unable to attend the monthly meetings.

Since she accepted the position less than two months ago, a lot of what Bahr would like to accomplish is still in the planning phase. But one of her primary short-term concerns is addressing the issue of water usage in Spring Creek.

“Water is a huge thing for the Spring Creek community,” she said. “I think the association is going to be getting plans in place to try and address the water issue and help our members.”

Bahr said that even though the association can’t control the price Spring Creek residents pay for their water, the association will try to speak with members of the community to see which water usage techniques are most cost effective.

Bahr acknowledged that there is a lot for her and the association to do but also said she’s looking forward to working on community projects.

“This is an exciting time,” she said. “There’s a lot of opportunity to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness and really work off of a plan to help us move forward as an association.”

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