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Students at Spring Creek Christian Academy help Jim and Donna Engdahl’s team get their balloon inflated.


SPRING CREEK — Take two commercial ballooning pilots, add six eager passengers and a school full of spectators and you get the makings for a day of adventure at Spring Creek Christian Academy.

On Thursday, balloon enthusiasts watched  Jim and Donna Engdahl and their Acme ballooning team unload and erect their colorful balloon called “Fire & Ice.” The passengers included five students and second-grade teacher Lauri Randolph.

“It was awesome,” said Randolph of the free flight. “From above, we watched our shadow on the ground so we could tell how fast we were moving.”

Randolph is also a photo enthusiast, and snapped some 100-plus photos from the air.

“Mrs. Randolph showed us the pictures she took of us on the playground,” said second-grader Shaleigh Shippy. “We looked like ants.”

Five students were also treated to a ride in the balloon. Students were asked to write an essay on why they or someone from Spring Creek Christian Academy should be nominated. The winners were Nolan Cumming (ninth grade), Benjamin Herman (10th grade), Mason Paules (fourth grade), Emily Harris (first grade), and Isabella Herman (seventh grade).

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The five students were awarded to a trip through the sky with the Engdahls. On the ground, the other students at SCCA were treated to a history lesson from both the Engdahls and crew member Joe Jarvis.

The Acme Balloon Team will be sporting two balloons this weekend at the Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival. They will be flying for Coldwell Banker and the POW-MIA Association.


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